Eagle Feather

Eagle Feather

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The Eagle Feather is a medium-gain overdrive pedal that lends its roots to Texas Blues with the modern player in mind. Featuring an active 3-band EQ, each frequency band can be individually amplified or attenuated, allowing for a wide-range of voicings. The middle control can take the Eagle Feather from compressed and smooth to an open and mid-focused overdrive.


  • All analog signal path

  • Active 3-band EQ

  • 5 Controls: volume, gain, bass, middle, and treble

  • True-bypass soft-touch switching

  • Top-mounted jacks

Power: 9VDC center negative (not battery operable)

Dimensions: 2.6’’ x 4.77” (W x L)


Behind the Sound:

The Eagle Feather is result of having to combine multiple pedals to obtain my high-gain sound.  Rather than using multiple drives, I decided to design a drive that would reach two extremes: clean and high-sustained gain.  In addition, I didn’t want the pedal to be limited by the guitar and amp’s tonal characteristics.  My solution was to add an active 3-band equalizer to the pedal for maximum tone control.

Behind the Design:

The Eagle Feather lends its roots my Native American heritage.  My tribe, the Blackfeet Nation, inspired the design.  The blue represents the elements, animals, and people of the earth.  The eagle feather is a representation of strength, power, and freedom.

Sounds like?

The main inspiration for the Eagle Feather came from my appreciation for Stevie Ray Vaughan’s overdrive tone.  From the crunch in the Hendrix-like chords to his high-gain solos, the amount of gain and sustain that Stevie obtained was incredible.  After being disappointed by too many drives, I decided to approach his overdrive tone and from there came the Eagle Feather.  However, with the 3-band equalizer, the Eagle Feather is not limited to a particular overdrive sound.  The Eagle Feather can reach a wide range of overdrive tones ranging from classic blues to modern rock.

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